We are Powered by Omega

Powered by Omega is proud to announce our new amplifier line.
Learn more about the Iridium Single Channel 100 Watt Amplifier and Obsidian 2.5 Channel 100 Watt Amplifier.

Aaron Brooks of The Ghost Inside

"They wanted to know what rig I played. What guitars I played. What string gauges I played. They wanted to know everything about how I wanted it to sound. Instead of saying 'Here's a cab that we make that you should use,' they built a cab for me. No one else in the cab making world has ever offered that and I loved it."


Here at Powered By OMEGA, we don't expect every customer to be a touring musician. We don't expect every customer to place the same stress and demands on our products as someone who plays 5 shows a week, moving from venue to venue. But you wouldn't think that with the attention to detail we place in every product we build. Every product that comes out of our facility is built with the expectation of being put through the daily abuse and rigors that touring bands can place on them.


Designed for tonal balance and clarity, our newly developed amplifier line focuses on the player. "Feel" and "Response" are descriptions that are used quite often and play a crucial role in finding that "right" amp for you. We spent a lot of time dialing in these characteristics as well as making sure that the amp had the features needed most. Complex harmonic content throughout, tight and responsive low end, percussive and dynamic mid-range, and an airy top end all combine to make these amplifiers incredibly musical and a true joy to play. Developed in the studio and on stage, these amps will deliver no matter the environment. We found our voice are proud to share it with the world.


Every speaker enclosure we build utilizes the Powered By OMEGA proprietary internal baffling system and speaker arrangement. While they look quite different than the traditional cabs you are used to, they are built this way for a reason. Through countless hours of R&D, the study of acoustics, and real life testing, we drastically improved the overall efficiency of the musical instrument speaker enclosure. You will notice a drastic increase in clarity, projection, articulation, and overall feel in our cabs.

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