Guitar and Bass Cabinets In Stock

Can't wait for a brand new build? Get an in stock cabinet that will ship out immediately upon purchase.
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Custom Shop 4x12 Guitar Cabinet

Custom Shop 4x12 | $1,449

  • Finished in Cinnamon Burst with Maple inlayed leading edge.
  • Loaded with 8 ohm Celestion V30/Creamback H75 speakers
  • Stainless steel fasteners throughout with top of the line wiring and components.
  • Shipping included in price

6x12 Guitar Cabinet

6x12 Guitar Cabinet | $1,549

  • Finished in all black
  • 8ohm Celestion loaded with 4 Creamback H75's and two V30's.
  • top of the line components throughout
  • Shipping included in price

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